About Us

Start Today For a Great Future

Here at Work Safari, our mission is to be a flexible and easy-to-use platform to support the work-seeking teenagers of your community. Once registered, teens will be able to put themselves out there by advertising their talents and skills for hire. Need someone to teach you to surf? Need furniture moved or someone to walk your dog when you’re away? We have students with a variety of skill sets ready to accomplish anything you need. 

Let’s Get Started 

Luka Zaric (Founder)

I am a Senior at Mira Costa High school and I love to play Water Polo and hang out with my friends. I have lived my whole life in Manhattan Beach and have received so much from the community, and I feel that now is the time to give back. This idea first came to life during the summer of 2021, when my friends and I were looking for part time jobs. It was next to impossible and so we thought that creating a platform for students and community members/employers to connect with each other would be a perfect solution.

Zander Lazar

I am Zander Lazar, a Senior at Mira Costa. I’ve played a variety of sports and done very well throughout school. I’ve grown up in Manhattan Beach and have come to love the people. I joined My Work Safari to help give back to my community. I’ve always struggled with making money as having a job wasn’t an option. I’m here to help others do what wasn’t possible before.

Thomas (TJ) Penn

I am TJ Penn, a Senior at Notre Dame High School. Over my life I have done very well during my school career, in addition I have played many sports throughout my life and found the most interest in Volleyball. I have lived in three states throughout my life, from Tennessee to Oregon and finally California. I joined work safari because I saw the site as an amazing idea and opportunity to learn and grow, and to see what it takes to start a business. I love working hard and pushing through struggles and setbacks to end up with a finished product.

Grace Stuart

I am Grace Stuart, a Senior at Mira Costa High School. Since I was young I have enjoyed playing many sports and continue to play lacrosse. My favorite classes in school this year have been psychology and environmental science which I wish to continue to learn about through college. I was excited to join Work Safari because I believe it is a great opportunity for fellow students like us to get involved in the community and make money. It is hard to find a job as a student especially when taking on lots of extra curriculars, Work Safari is the perfect solution to this problem. 

Dylan McGovern

I am Dylan McGovern, a Senior at Vistamar High School. When I was younger I played a variety of sports like baseball, lacrosse, football, springboard and high diving, and trampolining. My favorite subjects in school are math and science. When Luka came to me with this idea I knew that this was going to an amazing platform that would help people my age find part time, full time, or one time jobs. I joined My Work Safari because I knew I could help turn this idea into a reality. People that know me would say that I am a creative, smart, and determined person. 

Ryan Cho

Hi, my name is Ryan Cho and I am a Senior at Mira Costa High School. In the future, I hope to study kinesiology. I joined Work Safari because I believe that it is a great opportunity to help out the community and help people like me get hired. As a student, it is unnecessarily tough to find a job that fits your schedule and at Work Safari, we can eliminate that inconvenience and have students making money and benefiting the community as a whole.

Reece Riley

Hi, I am Reece Riley, a junior at Mira Costa High School. At Costa, I am on the surf team, and also run track/cross country. I am heavily involved in ASB, as I am the junior class president, and will be the ASB president next year. This school year, I discovered my interest in science and engineering, hoping to major in biomedical engineering in the future. With the heavy workload from all of my classes, as well as trying to balance all of my extracurriculars, it can be difficult to find time to work, so I am super excited to help other high schoolers with the same problem through WorkSafari!